November 4, 2008

Chi è Gelsomina Lucchesi?

Chi è Gelsomina Lucchesi?
Lei è, io sono, noi è.

November 3, 2008

Need a Fix

I absolutely love the way this pullover turned out; came out much cuter than I expected especially for Lion Brand cotton Thick N' Quick yarn. I think they discontinued cotton TNQ because it's so awful. I used a pattern that called for an entirely different yarn, and the body came out much shorter than I expected. I need a fix, so I'm going to lengthen it from the bottom. It should be easy once I get started. Get started. Get started.

Then I need to take a decent photo on my dress form.

November Spawned a Monster

November spawned a monster (Morrissey song), alright. This thing is a beast and gets horrible stares, but I DO NOT CARE. I love it, love it, love it. It's some strange, beautiful Gedifra yarn manufactured in Milan, Italy. Italiani pazzi!

It was a bytch to knit: crazy texture, no elasticity, knit on US9s, in the round: rendalo pazzesco! (make-a-me-crazy!)

Naturally Tibet

I think this is my favorite yarn ever, Naturally Tibet. Amazing New Zealand lambswool, spun then plaited into a super bulky. I knit a pullover with no pattern, just 4 simple rectangles, seed stitch at hems and neckline.

Lets Go Bowling

Check this: I bought this vintage knitting pattern on eBay (circa 1950s). Paid way too much for it (damn eBay), but the finished sweater is sweeeeeeet. I didn't knit it, my mom made it for me. She rocks.


Not sure how I managed to not post photos of my Watergarden shrug. a luscious Jane Thornley pattern.

June 2, 2008

1920s Vintage Glass and Pure Silver

The centerpiece glass is vintage 1920s mounted to a piece of precious metal silver I designed, created, and fired; the 3 black bars are painted enamel. Rest of necklace are vintage czech pressed glass black beads, sterling silver charlottes (size 17) , green and black charlottes (size 15).

May 28, 2008

Summer Diva

About 20 different yarns went into this jacket. Knit on the bias.

May 27, 2008

1930s glass and silver

I took a class in Precious Metal Clay; designed, created, and fired the pure silver leaves in this necklace. Nice because they won't tarnish like sterling silver tarnishes. The rectangle glass is vintage 1930s.

May 21, 2008

Black Cherry KoolAid

Here's some yarn I dyed using Black Cherry KoolAid. It came out a nice red. The little skein of pink yarn is the original color.

New Pix of FOs

China Doll scarfPolar Cardigan
Bubble Wrap

April 10, 2008

Thanks to Myra: the Vintage Bubble Bag

Thanks to my friend Myra always giving me goodies, I was able to make and felt this adorable vintage Bubble Bag. She gave me the pink yarn which is wool from Knitpicks and the pattern. The varigated yarn in there is a couple skeins of Noro Silk Garden.

Too Many WIPs!!!!

I've got too many WIPs (works in progress) sitting around my loft! Here's one of them that I started back in December, was going to wear for Christmas, ha! It's a cardigan, I'm using about 10 different yarns in various shades of red. The body is knit all in one piece so there aren't tons of ends poking out everywhere. I love it, so not too sure why I stalled. The collar will be asymetrical. Aha, just remember why I stalled: can't decide what button to use, therefor don't know what size of buttonhole to knit. Might be better just to use a loop instead of a buttonhole to make it adjustable in the future. I need a spectacular button that is very lightweight. Most spectacular buttons are heavy.

Organic Wrap

I loved knitting this pattern! It is from, is called the Feather and Fan Organic Wrap. I used about 10 different yarns. The edging is my fav, it's Colinette Giotto in Frangipani; I bound off using a pico edging which made it look like little wood roses. The pattern itself is based on the classic feather and fan stitch, but it's made much more interesting because the wrap is has a 'growth' and 'harvest' cycle.

Long Skinny Scarf, Hat, Fingerless Mitts

Amazing what you can make out of a few balls of wool. I love these and like wearing them to the beach in the morning with the dogs.

Vintage Velvet Scarf

As lover-ly as this scarf is, the yarn was a nightmare. At $16 per 60 yards, it ought to behave itself. NUH-UH!, as I say to little Miss Olive when she's sassy. It wormed like crazy. Luckily, the pattern (from the book Scarf Style) called for felting the finished item. The worms pretty much went away, and left a very nice vintage velvet type of texture behind. It is pretty delicious now. Warning: never use Muench Touch Me unless you plan on felting it.

The pattern was a fairly easy to memorize reversible cable.

pardon my suck-a$$ photography skillz, they do not do this scarf justice

Ravelry Killed My Blog

Ravelry has killed my blog. I post so much about knitting on there now. But my mom doesn't do Ravelry, so I'll post my FOs here.

Blossoms on Branch Scarf

"Scrap Copper" Made entirely out of leftover scrap yarns; knit the main body on my little bond machine, hand knit the edges.

January 5, 2008

Karabella Gossamer Wrap

Knit the main body of this wrap on the machine, handknit the edges in garter stitch using GGH Fee.

November 15, 2007

Finished and Finished

I'm finished with two things.

Thing 1: I'm finished with the Gedifra Gigante/Frog Tree Alpaca cuff-2-cuff cardigan; I'll post pictures soon. I was once again disappointed with the results of the pattern I designed. I'm tired of having to re-knit stuff because of armscye problems, gauge fallacies, drape disappointments. This cardigan is okay, but not perfect. I'm not frogging, just bytching here.

Thing 2: I'm finished (at least for a long while) creating my own patterns. So, I've decided to take a break from creating my own designs, and stick to using professionally-created patterns or use software. I've started going through my project queue and matching stash yarns with existing patterns (from books, magazines, download), and any free online patterns out there.

On a more positive note... I do enjoy Drops Design out of Germany, They have a massive collection of free online patterns that are professionally designed, look good, are tested, have photos and diagrams, and online help. I plan on knitting 2 different large-collared cardigans using drops patterns.

November 6, 2007

Inspirations and Frustration

I like the shape of this shrug, I think I'm going to try using it. I'm tired of plain wraps and 2-armhole shrugs.

I think I want to use some sort of geometrical shape like these pentagons when I knit my Kureyon. In a sweater.

Last Saturday I forgot to bring one (the Frog Tree) of the two yarns I'm using in a cuff-to-cuff knit sweater I'm making. Grrrrr! I got nothing accomplished in knitting. But it was still fun to see the girls.

I'm getting anxious about Christmas presents, I usually have half of them done by now and I have nothing done yet. I think that anxiety is preventing me from knitting and jewelry making.

October 23, 2007

Hard to Breath

It's getting harder to breath here with the smoke from the fires. But I have absolutely no room to complain, my home is safe unlike half a million others here in San Diego. I've been knitting, but it's hard to even do that with the news constantly looming in my mind. I think I need a break from the fire news coverage, I want to go to Blockbuster to rent DVDs, but that feels pretty frivolous right now.

My boss called and told me to pack my car with 3 days worth of water and food. My car is now packed, complete with camping gear and dog food. I got the last 2 large bottles of water from the grocery store. But, I'm pretty sure that if I had to evacuate from downtown San Diego, there'd be nowhere really to go. I'm sure there'd be mass panic if the fires reach downtown.

I wish I could just get in the car and leave, but all 3 major freeways leaving San Diego area run into fire areas. I couldn't get over the grapevine north of LA to get to my brother's in Northern California, the Magic Fire blocks and can't go up the 101 because of the Ventura fires.

I wish I was back home at my parents' house on Lake Superior. I can't wait to retire and leave Southern California.

October 21, 2007

Glad I Frogged

I'm glad I frogged the Cherry Tree Hill Jumbo Loop Mohair! I reknit the kimono an shortened the length accordingly, I came out how I wanted. I trimmed in Cherry Tree Hill Zebra Caribe in the same colorway (Moody Blues).

October 16, 2007

Gauge Issues

Grrrrrrr. I'm having gauge issues. Sometimes I think I'd be better off just knitting from patterns in the exact recommended yarns. Unfortunately, I'm constantly creating my own patterns because I can't find existing patterns I like. I'm having a hard time transitioning from woven apparel flat pattern design (which I've done well) to knitwear pattern design.

So, I finished this kimono knit in Cherry Tree Hill Jumbo Loop Mohair, it's beautiful laying flat. But then it grows 50% when on the body. Yes, I did a gauge swatch. Obviously not a large enough swatch. I'm finding when I do experimental stuff with ununusual yarns in unusual gauges, I pretty much need to make a gauge swatch the size of an entire garment.

It just occurred to me that I went through this once before about a year ago. My memory is so bad, I need to start keeping a data book for things like this.

So, it looks like I'm going to have to frog this kimono. I'm worried, the yarn is fairly delicate. I really want this kimono in the original dimensions, so I have no choice.

Great, the next few projects I have lined up are all about me creating a pattern and weird gauge. I guess the good thing about that is I won't forget this lesson if I work on those weird things immediately. Okay, now I'm just rambling.

October 8, 2007

Lady Eleanor

Lady Eleanor wrap from Scarf Style, done in Patons SWS Geranium. Looks nice both front and inside out.

Spring Shrug

Shrug I knit out of leftover stash yarns.

Jane Thornley Blue Skies Over Sienna

Jane Thornley's pattern Blue Skies Over Sienna, but with narrower sleeves. Made with leftover stash yarns, too many to mention!

Knitovation Diva

From the book Knitovation, pattern is Diva. Made mostly of Prism Arts' Wild Stuff yarn.

Knitovation Lola

From the book Knitovation, pattern is Lola. I made a matching sweater pin.

Big City Big Knits

Finished this last year, and finally took a decent picture!

Bonita Wrap

Made out of Berroco Memoirs and Zen Colors.